The Bits And Bytes

Technical specifications

  • Product Specification

    Size of mat: 12.8 ft
    Surface area of mat: 132 ft2
    Total space required: 21 x 21 ft
    Jumper weight: 220 lbs
    Structural load capacity: 1100 lbs
    Height of mat above ground: 3 ft
    Height of FlexiNet above mat: 6 ft
    Total height: 8.9 ft Model number: R132

  • Features

    Includes tgoma game system.
    Installation available upon request. Call 1 (877) 586-7723 for more information.

  • Warranty

    Our 10 year world-class warranty covers every inch of the trampoline.

    From net to frame to mat - we're here for you. It's our years of fun guarantee!

  • FAQs

    Free Shipping.
    Ships in 7 - 10 business days.
    Non-refundable and non-exchangeable*.

The Only Smart Trampoline In The World

Springfree is the world's first and only Smart Trampoline™. Four sensors on the mat connect wirelessly via Bluetooth® to a tablet. Using the body as the controller, the sensors track movement creating an outdoor interactive Smart Play experience.

We Engineer The Safety

You Engineer The Fun

[img] Jumbo Round Smart Trampoline
  • Get The Springs Out Of Your Bounce

    What? That's right! Our revolutionary design uses flexible rods instead of springs.

  • Jump To The Edge

    The SoftEdge™ mat is shock absorbent with no hard areas giving you more space to jump.

  • Hidden Frame

    We moved the frame underneath where it's impossible to fall on.

  • Flexible Enclosure

    Prevents falls to the ground and gently guides wayward jumpers back to the jumping surface.

  • 3X Stronger Than Steel

    The net and mat rods are made from a special recipe thats 3X stronger than steel so they can withstand millions of jump cycles.

  • Built Like An Airplane

    The net and mat rods are made from the same super-strong material as Boeing airplanes. And flexible too!

  • Built To Last A Lifetime

    Safe design. High quality materials. Rigorously tested. Our trampolines are built to stand the test of time so your kids have safe outdoor play every year, all year long!

Families ♥︎ Springfree

See why Instagram sensation Cara Loren and her family loves Springfree!


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